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From concept to construction, Whisinvest Realty helps clients develop their business so that it complements the Master Plan, accomplishes the highest and best use of the property and ensures long-term success. Because we are interested in developing communities and sustainable properties, Whisinvest Realty seeks out innovative partners, cutting-edge construction techniques that allow for easy adaptability in the future and project designs that ensure a seamless integration.

Whisinvest Realty provides first-class utilities and communications to meet the needs of any client from the small retail outlet to the large office user.

Services include:

• Feasibility and Demographic Studies

• First-Class Infrastructure

• Utility Redundancy

• Optimal Ingress and Egress

Pride Valley Road

April 17, 2017

Little Rock

40 Acres

Containing 40 office-zoned acres bordering Pride Valley Road and Rock Creek. Southwest Power Pool’s newly constructed headquarters is located along the southern boundary of the property.  The property is ideal for corporate facilities that would border and connect with the vision for Tract 8.

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The District at Pinnacle Hills (Retail)

May 8, 2017


Up to 5,075± SF